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Finer Utility of the Electron Gun for You

The method of using a high-voltage glow discharge to create electronic guns with a cold cathode has been known for more than three decades. Today, the Institutes, being pioneers in the field of the creation of high-voltage glow discharge electron guns (BTP), is the only enterprise in the world, serially their issuing.

Possessing serious advantages – simplicity of manufacture, reliability and a big operational resource (especially in heavy vacuum conditions), VTR guns allow, on the one hand, to implement technologies that are inaccessible to traditional electronic guns and vacuum arcs, on the other – to drastically reduce the costs of creation and operation any electron-beam devices.

The device of the electron gun

Electronic gun VTR 200-300 / 25 is designed for heating, melting, evaporation and modification of materials in process plants of both high and low vacuum. The gun works from any voltage source. No source of heat is required. Power regulation is provided in the range from 0 to 300 kW by changing the supply of working gas – technical hydrogen or changing the value of the supply voltage.

It is also possible to use other gases: air, nitrogen, oxygen, inert gases. But the maximum power can decrease by more than 2 times.

The gun ensures stable operation of any installation with a vacuum in the process chamber no worse than 0.02 mm. gt; Art.

Possible applications: replacement of thermionic guns with existing and newly created technological electron-beam devices for heating, melting, evaporation and modification of materials, especially in heavy vacuum conditions and corrosive environments.

The structure of the electron gun device includes an anode unit, a cathode unit, a high voltage and cooling cathode injection unit, an ionization gauge and a plug connector of an electronic beam control system.

The anode assembly includes a water cooled anodic housing on which a deflection system, a magnetic lens, an ionization gauge measuring the pressure in the gun, and a plug connector for connecting the cable from the electron beam control unit to the gun are mounted. The magnetic lens and the deflecting system are closed with a protective cover.

The high-voltage input section contains a cable high-voltage connector and a “water rheostat” for the safe cooling of the cathode, which is under high potential.


The Perfection of the Proper Soup Now

Soup is a liquid first dish, which is consumed mostly at lunch. However, soups are not all and not always eaten. Is it important to eat this dish if you are eating the right diet or just want to stay healthy?

Proper nutrition and first course:

Do you need it or not? Soups are different. This is a fat rich soup, and vegetarian borscht, and light cereal soups, and tender soup-mashed potatoes. The choice is huge.

But the question is, is this dish useful?

It all depends on the ingredients and method of preparation. Choose low-fat meat, vegetables, fishand cereals. And, of course, it is more useful to cook, and not pre-fry vegetables and then add to the egusi soup. This way of cooking adds calories and unnecessary fats. Soups should be low-fat, but nourishing and well-saturated. Then they can be consumed if you are eating the right food.

What is the use of soup?

This dish restores the balance of the liquid, saturates the body with useful substancesand improves digestion. And in general, with soup (if it is properly cooked), we get fewer calories than with a meat or fish dish. At the same time, the first dishes are well saturated, and the body needs a lot of energy for their digestion.

Soups are recommended for use for colds and for early recovery from illness. Especially useful is low-fat chicken broth, since it removes inflammation. There is another opinion. Soups are not very useful, because during the cooking of meat broth, harmful substances enter the soup (these substances enter the meat when growing animals – antibiotics, hormones).

What can be done in this case?

You can cook soups on the second broth. That is, five minutes after boiling water, it must be drained. And pour new meat on the meat and cook soup on it. If soups are not meat, this problem becomes irrelevant. Of course, the most useful soups with proper nutrition or weight loss are vegetable.

They do not contain fat, but they contain a lot of macro- and microelements, vitamins. Weight loss on soups: different diet options Losing weight on soups is an excellent variant of a diet. Soup, made from vegetables, contains a lot of fiber, and it can save a lot of hunger. And portions of soup should not be large at the same time.

Organic Antidotes Integrated with Biomedical Equipment Prompt Bone Strength and also Amplification

A WSU study group is bringing together all-natural clinical cures with modern-day biomedical tools in hopes of producing much better health results for individuals with bone conditions.


In this first-ever effort, the team enhanced bone-growing abilities on 3D-printed, ceramic bone scaffolds by 30-45 percent when coated with curcumin, a substance found in the flavor, turmeric. They have released their operate in the journal, Products Today Chemistry.


The job could be crucial for the countless Americans who experience injuries or bone conditions like osteoporosis.


Human bone includes bone forming and also resorbing cells that frequently renovate throughout our lives. As individuals age, the bone cell cycling procedure typically does not work too. Bones end up being weak and likely to fracture. Most of the medicines used for osteoporosis work by reducing or stopping the damage of old bone or by developing brand-new bone. While they could increase bone thickness, they additionally create an inequality in the all-natural bone remodeling cycle and might create poorer quality bone.


The contrast of bone scaffold without and with curcumin. Turmeric has been made use of as medication for centuries in Oriental nations, and also curcumin has been revealed to have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and bone-building capacities. It can also protect against different kinds of cancers cells. Nevertheless, when taken by mouth as medication, the compound cannot be soaked up well in the body. It is metabolized and also eliminated also quickly responds an expert botanist.


Led by Susmita Bose, Herman as well as Brita Lindholm Endowed Chair Professor in the School of Mechanical as well as Materials Design, the researchers encased the curcumin within a water-loving polymer, a big molecule, to make sure that could progressively launch from their ceramic scaffolds. The curcumin raised the stability and spreading of new bone cells and blood vessels in bordering cells as well as increased the healing procedure.


Bose wishes that the work will certainly bring about medications that naturally create much healthier bone without impacting the bone redesigning cycle.


” In the end, it’s the high bone quality that matters,” she said.


The researchers are proceeding the research studies, considering the protein and mobile degree to gain a much better understanding of specifically just how the natural compound jobs. They are also working to enhance the procedure’ effectiveness as well as control. The difficulty with the all-natural substances, claimed Bose, is that they are usually large natural particles.


Susmita Bose


” You need to use the right vehicle for shipment,” she claimed. “We should fill and also get it launched in a controlled and sustained method. The chemistry of car distribution is essential.”


Along with curcumin, the researchers are studying other all-natural solutions, including compounds from aloe vera, saffron, Vitamin D, garlic, oregano as well as ginger. Bose concentrated on compounds that might aid with bone disorders, including those that urge bone growth or that have anti-inflammatory, infection control, or anti-cancer residential properties.


Beginning with her very own health concerns, Bose has had a longtime interest in connecting natural medical substances with contemporary medicine. That rate of interest raised after she had her kids.


” As a mom as well as having a chemistry background, I recognized I did not desire my kids exposed to so many chemicals for each illness,” Bose stated. “I started checking out home remedies.”


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To her trainees, she continually emphasizes healthy living as the most effective method to guarantee the best wellness results, consisting of healthy consuming, proper sleep, exciting leisure activities, and also exercise.




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