Additional 3D viewports for You

By default, a number of Company has a single 3D viewing window. You can, however, create a second viewer window. Additional viewers allow you to focus on specific areas from different viewing angles while viewing the entire 3D view at the same time. The additional 3D views cannot be anchored and can therefore be freely arranged on the desktop.

You may navigate separately within each of the viewer windows because the navigation tools always control the view in the active window in which they are used. You can even rotate the 3D view and navigate in another viewer.

With additional viewers you can

  • Create multiple viewers for the current 3D view
  • Viewer to the full screen size Maximize
  • Minimize Viewer to clear the view for others
  • Viewer to the previous size Reset
  • Close the viewer completely
  • Create and use bookmarks independently of the main 3D view


The the company display properties apply to all viewers, not just the active ones. In addition, the TOC context menu options apply to all viewers with Zoom to Layer z. For example, both views are magnified, regardless of where they were previously set. However, enlarging a bookmark only works for the active viewer.

There are also settings to change the appearance of a 3D view in each additional viewport of a 3D view. The following options are available:

  • Change the field of view and the distance of the viewer.
  • To change the position of a viewer and its target point, enter the X, Y, and Z coordinates.
  • Furthermore, navigate in a viewer while the dialog view setting is open.
  • The position, distance, and field of view values ​​in the View Settings dialog box are updated as you stop navigating.

Manage additional 3D viewers

When using the additional 3D viewer, there happen to be some controls that should be considered for specific tasks. This is a good collection of the steps for the use of 3D viewers, such as: removing, adding, controlling view settings, using Viewer Manager Dialog box and other tips.

To close a viewer

  • Right-click title bar of viewers and then click Window to Close.
  • Click on the X in the upper right corner of the viewer.

Using the Viewer Manager

The Viewer Manager provides a set of controlling units for additional 3D viewport. It lists the entire viewers defined for the current document. You can click the viewer you want to manage, and the applicable controls will be activated. All controls happen to be disabled till a view is selected. For more convenience you canbuy mpf viewports here.

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