Follow the custom rules while Freight Transporting

Do you sometimes send shipments to countries outside the country and / or world shipments? Then you must submit a customs form. To avoid delays in worldwide shipping, it is important to fill in the form as completely as possible. This is also your shipping label. In this blog you can read all about it.

Customs form: the how and what

Through the customs form is integrated in your online shipping portal. This way you can send packages worldwide in a simple and fast way. Are you logged in? Then follow the following steps:

  1. Choose the country

To start you choose the country to which the package should be sent. Here you also enter the address details of your customer.

  1. What kind of product (s) are you going to send?

Sending commercial goods

If you send trade goods, trade samples or if it concerns a return shipment, there are a number of details that you must provide:

  • Enter the invoice number, corresponding to your sales invoice.
  • State the (sales) value, corresponding to the value of the invoice.
  • Give a description of what is in the package. Max. 5 items per customs form.
  • Are there different products in a package? Then mention:
  • Because of what kind of goods it is. You can easily select this in the dropdown.
  • What the quantity of the product is.
  • The total weight of your package, rounded to full kilos.
  • The value of the product.

The commodity code: when products pass customs at the border of the country, it is necessary to state a commodity code on the invoice. This goods code can be found on the website of the customs.

Send gifts and documentation

Do you send a gift to friends or family? You then also use a customs declaration. It is important that you clearly explain what is in the package. The more precise your description, the faster it will be handled by customs. Are there different products in your package? Then state per product:

  • What kind of product is involved?
  • The amount of this product in the package.
  • The total weight of the package.
  • The value of the shipment.

Tip! Mention the telephone number of your customer on the customs form. In some cases contact is made with the recipient.

Confirm the customs form on your package

The custom form can be printed on standard A4 paper. Two documents are always printed.The first page is the shipping label and the customs forms.On the second page you will find the ‘commercial invoice’.

Follow these steps to make sure everything is complete:

  • Fold the first document double; place it in a transparent A5 envelope so it does not get tampered while loading in load board.
  • In the ‘signature’ field you place a signature on both sides of the document.
  • Make sure the form with the address of the receiver is at the top and visible.
  • The ‘commercial invoice’ is done in a second transparent envelope.
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