Types of Baby Strollers for Your Baby

If you are looking for baby strollers you will have noticed that in the Canadian shops there are many types of strollers, so it will be difficult for you to decide on one or the other.

Until five or six months, the most appropriate transport for the baby is the stroller with carrycot, where you can go completely flat. From then on, and when you see that the baby can already be seated, it will be time to pass it to the stroller. Little Canadian stocks various types of baby strollers so you can choose as per your requirement and budget.

The normal thing nowadays is that the baby strollers are transformable, so that it is not necessary to buy two trolleys adapted to the different months of the baby, but the stroller can adapt to the different postures, sizes or weights of the baby.

Broadly speaking, the main types of baby strollers are the following:

  • Classic strollers: they are the most basic; they consist of an axis on which the cuckoo is adapted.
  • Evolutionary strollers: They have a folding seat and can be for children from six months to four years.
  • American strollers: They are the most adaptable, can become cuckoo, hammock or baby carrier.
  • All-terrain baby strollers: With thick tires and sturdy tires.
  • Twin baby strollers: Two trolleys in one, ideal for the twin babies.

How to Save Money

Basically there are three ways to save when buying any type of item for the baby:

  1. Compare prices in online stores.

This works for some brands, for others it does not. To give you an idea, many well established brands offers fixed prices in all stores. You will rarely find a discount, but it is always good to search in online sites.

  1. Some particular Events

The baby’s fortnight, baby’s fair or the name that year they want to give to the discount period in all in the childcare section of Canada. All brands have a 15% and it is worth, for fixed price brands where you usually do not find rebates.

  1. The best of the three options: the second-hand market.

Apart from stores specializing in this type of products, secondhand products are a source of bargains. Especially in the world of the baby, where sometimes there are things that due to circumstances people have repeated, or have barely used, it is advisable to consult this option before launching to buy a new item. By this purchase on online selling sites you can save minimum 25% of its tagged price.

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