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The holiday is a wonderful bright occasion for meetings with friends and family. A holiday accompanied by strong liquor is a roller coaster in which, beyond the dizzying upsurge, there is sure to be an even more dizzying descent. A few hours ago everything was so good, but now everything is worse nowhere.


It is well known that there is no better medicine for strong intoxication than a long, strong sleep. But the trouble is: you still have to get to your home. Or another, no less interesting situation: you are at home, but together with you – a row of non-transportable guests. Well, very sad development of events – when the hangover is only a few hours, and in the morning you need to be in shape. What to do? How quickly sober up? With the drug abuse help this is important.

Sober up for half an hour

When it comes to delivering a taxi to the door of a superfluous guests who have drunk, or to get yourself to an obliging transport yourself (by no means driving!), You can do it in simple ways. There are more than a dozen folk remedies that help to sober up, to some extent, without resorting to radical measures, including the help of doctors. They will not help to sober completely and are unlikely to completely remove the hangover syndrome that will come after intoxication, but on their own two leave the hospitable house with their help it will turn out.

Popular folk remedies:

Cold shower

If there is no possibility to get under the shower completely, try to moisten at least the head. Do not forget to brush your teeth.

Toning beverages

For example, coffee or strong tea with lemon.


The best ones are those that contain a lot of fructose: apples, bananas, pears, oranges, peaches, grapefruits, grapes, strawberries.


This agent works effectively at the expense of all the same fructose. The main thing is not to overdo it with liquids, otherwise honey can cause vomiting. If there is no honey, you can replace it with jam or something else sweet, the main thing is to saturate the shocked organism with glucose. But be careful: the sugar stimulates the absorption of alcohol, so it is better to wash the stomach first.


It is believed that milk prevents the rapid absorption of alcohol, therefore, inhibits the process of intoxication. Therefore, this method is better to apply in advance – after drinking a glass of milk before, and not after taking alcohol. The method is not suitable for those who do not tolerate milk, so again be careful.


This is an American remedy. You will find a bottle of Pepsi or Coca-Cola after the feast – apply. In some countries, the same way “treat” and indigestion, which does not cancel the harm of these and other sweet carbonated drinks.


Tincture of mint perfectly removes intoxication; the problem is usually that after a meal to find it in a house it is rarely possible. Therefore, it is better to prepare in advance. To do this, either buy a ready tincture in the pharmacy, or do it yourself, filling a teaspoon of dried mint with a glass of vodka – in a week the tincture will be ready. The victim should measure 20 drops and give a drink with a glass of liquid.

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