Get to know about Transportation by SEA

Look around you. Every seat you sit on until the mango you eat will for the most part end up with you by sea transport. Sea freight is one of the oldest industries in the world, but still plays a very important role in the global economy. Transport by sea is also a complex world and you are sometimes amazed at what is happening. You will easily get the list of Hot Shot loadboard form the internet

There are great things in the book Ninety Percent of Everything by Rose George. We have made a top 10 with nice facts from the sea freight.

  1. No range

About two-thirds of the crew on a ship has no means to communicate if they are on the open sea. Only 1 in 10 has free internet available.

  1. Expensive ships

Ships for sea freight are costly. The largest ship costs more than 200 million dollars to build.

  1. Bananas

The large ships in the world can carry 745 million bananas in almost 22,000 containers. It is calculated that 1 banana for every European and American.

  1. Sailors

More than 1.5 million sailors find work in the global industry.

  1. Boats

Worldwide there are about 55,000 ships carrying cargo around the world.

  1. Checks

2 to 10% of the containers are actually inspected worldwide. Within US ports, that number is about 5% out of 17 million containers arriving at the border every year.

  1. Power

A seagoing ship has a pretty powerful engine. Take the engine of an average family car and multiply it by the factor 1000. Then you have the power of a seagoing vessel.

  1. Average price of ocean freight

Let’s give an example of a piece price to transport by ship.

  1. 90 percent

Shipping is so large that it occupies about 90 percent of world trade.

  1. Type of ships

There are six types of ships in the world: cargo ships, bulk carriers, fishing vessels, container ships, passenger ships and tankers.


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