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Now you want to lead your business through growth and profit in a secure future? Perhaps you would like to engage external professionals for the realignment or strategic readjustment of your business? However, the big management consultancies are simply too expensive for you? Factoring company supports you with these tips for growth in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

More growth and more employees for IT companies predictBitkom every year. As a small or medium-sized IT company owner, do you wonder when growth will finally reach you? You can only dream of solid sales increases from your current perspective.

Involuntarily, you are once again faced with the question of how you can generate more revenue than before with your IT company. After all, it is not your motivation that corporate development does not match the model of the overall market. You cannot work more than around the clock.

Guaranteed successful by renowned management consultants?

External help, which could initiate the necessary turnaround on the basis of sound market experience, is offered by large established management consulting companies. Their proven credentials read like the “Who’s Who” of the IT industry.

Your view on the prices of the “supermen” for the growth of the industry leaders will lead you back to the carpet guaranteed. Daily rates of about 3,500 of a top consultant for IT companies – they do not want or cannot pay, right?

A guarantee of success for corporate growth, in the form of liability, the consultants give you in any case.

Risk management – cost control for external consulting

Entrepreneurs who take the risk of engaging such an expensive professional are often faced with payment problems when invoicing. Making predictable, unreasonable decisions is not courage but a desperate reaction.

Profit from generating outsourcing:

As a small or medium-sized IT company or software developer, do you also ask yourself how you can save money? Do you hardly recognize any potential for this? After all, you only buy new laptops for yourself and your employees at least once every few years? Then take a look at the working hours that you or one of your permanent employees uses for relatively modest activities.

You will ultimately save by increasing work efficiency. They concentrate on their core business, the development of new software. You can assign simple programming and graphic processing to subcontractors. Freelancers from around the world do time-consuming work on Internet portals at a fixed price.

7 tips to boost growth and profit of (IT) companies:

First tip: Generate profit through outsourcing

Second tip: Optimize online marketing

Third tip: Despite full order books not neglect the acquisition of new customers

Fourth tip:Schedule payment delays

Fifth tip: Planning and acting with a future-oriented approach

Sixth Tip: Looking for alternative, innovative consulting services

Eighth Tip: Online business coaching is more efficient than traditional business consulting

Finally, a quick decision-making aid

Before deciding between traditional businesses consulting and business coaching, please consider which consulting strategy pays off for your business growth. Therefore, the following short checklist shows what to expect.

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